OK, I guess you visited this page because you would like to know who am I and why you should listen to me.

So, my name is Barbee (I know, funny name, I love my parents despite of that) and I’m a mother of 3 kids. I work as an real estate agent – despite the recession the houses are selling pretty good, so I have no problems with my business. My hobbies are jogging and playing tennis, sometimes I’m also playing golf with my husband (and I mostly win, haha).

In my free time I like to help people – I work voluntarily in my local church. Because I want to help more people, I’m also writing this blog – this way, I can share my knowledge with 1,000 of people online and I’m excited about that. I’m also excited to read your comments and opinions. I’m always open for any suggestions, so feel free to contact me at any time.

See you around!